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    We are inspired by Indian Medication System. Our aim is to connect Rural India to AYUSH System.

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    Starting from no side effects to a lower treatment cost, natural treatment is one of the best option to manage diabetes.

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    Holistic Care

    Don’t get too much panicked about anything, although diabetes is a serious disease, treatment for diabetes are available out in Ayurveda.

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    Stay home, stay safe and save India and the world too. Break the chain of coronavirus by strictly following lockdown.

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    If you're looking for ways to prevent frequent colds-cough and the flu, your first step should be to keep your immune system strong.

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes

The term “Prameha” is a complex entity which encompasses parameters such as Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome. In this condition the main aim of treatment is targeted to prevent meda, Kleda and kapha (bodily constituents) dusti. This can be achieved by following the specific protocol of appropriate Dinacharya (daily regime), Ahara (dietary regime), Vyayama (exercise) and Yoga protocol (various yoga postures).

Living a healthy and happy life is the main goal of an individual. Even if affected by diabetes it is still possible.

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Diabetes Symptoms

People fail to identify diabetic symptoms like hungriness, drying of mouth and a sudden change in body weight, etc. in the first stage. These symptoms are warning alerts that require immediate medical attention.

Managing Diabetes through Ayurveda

Living a healthy and happy life is the main goal of an individual. Even if affected by diabetes it is still possible. Millions of patients suffering form chronic diabetes manage their blood glucose level through ayurvedic treatment and also with proper diet and exercise. Thus avoid the onset of any other major complications with regard to this disease, which is mainly casued beacsue of neglecting the timwly treatment for diabetes. Understand the root cause of diabetes, manage and treat, overall a healthy mind and a healthy body is all we desire.

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Diabetes Impact

Regular tests and check-ups are the keys to diabetes care that can avoid long term impact. Plus, they help to control diabetes effectively.

Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive Diabetes Care

According to Ayurveda Prameha is one of the Maharogas(incurable disease) in which all the three doshas(Bodly humors)are involved,and if not treated properly in due period all Pramehas will end up in Madhumeha which becomes asadhya and cause multi organ related complications. Hence the prevention has become a major challenge for the doctors. Ayurveda aims in prevention of prediabetic being converted in diabetics by and Nidana parivarjana (Avoidance of the cause with respect to diet and life style) and also arresting the complications of advance cases by Shareera shodhana.


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Diabetes Packages

We offer comprehenshive packages bundlled with doctor consultation, diet consultationand , GMP Certified Medicines and a holistic lifestyle guide.


3 Months

INR  1333 2222
  • GMP Certified Medicine
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Dietetian Consultation
  • Personalised Health Tracker (PHT)
  • Monthly Followups
  • Stay Healthy Tips
  • Disscount of Lab Test
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6 Months

INR  3999 7999
  • GMP Certified Medicines
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Customised Diet Plan
  • Hemoglobin A1C (HbA1c) Test
  • Fasting Blood Glucose Test
  • Postprandial Blood Glucose Test
  • Holistic Lifestyle Guide
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12 Months

INR  9999 24999
  • Holistic Ayurvedic Treatment (IPD)
  • Complete Blood Test
  • Diabeting Eye Check
  • Diabetic Foot Check
  • Kidney Function Check
  • Cardiac Function Check
  • Holistic Lifestyle Guide
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Qualified Doctors

Group of Certified and Experienced Doctors

At Kushala, we have highly qualified, field-experts, certified doctors to provide the best health care treatment. We pride ourselves on the way our doctors follow up our patients individually.

Our doctors monitor with their skills and experience quickly. They enforce the quality health care treatment right for you.

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Other Services

We offers service to a variety of diseases diagnosed with highly qualified Homeopathy and Ayurvedic specialists Doctors. We try to delite our patient with our service.

Skin Treatment

It is the weakness and the desire of the human mind to look beautiful as well as smart.

PCOS Treatment

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is the most common young girls and women.

Arthritis Treatment

In amavata the vitiated vata and ama will produce joints pain, and inflammation.

CRD Treatment

The elevating level of air pollution is one of major cause of lung problems.

Hypertension Cure

Hypertension is one such common health disorder that is affecting allmost everyone.

Gastritis Treatment

Chronic gastritis involves long-term inflammation that can last for years.

Cholesterol Treatment

High cholesterol develop fatty deposits in blood vessels, impacts blood flow.

Boost Immunity

Boost immunity to protect your family from cold, flu and other illnesses. Consult specialist.

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Control Diabetes

The treatment is effective in curing diabetes naturally, and its possible to leaad a healthy life by following a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle
May 03, 2019 by Dr. KP Namboothiri

While ageing is an integral part of our lives, it also involves great risk factors for the majority of diabetic patients....

Healthy Food
Nov 28, 2019 by Dr. James Chacko

Diabetes mellitus is a medical condition that is characterized by the body inability to regulate its blood glucose level resulting in hyperglycemia...

When it comes to diabetes
Apr 17, 2019 by Dr. K. Sivabalaji

While ageing is an integral part of our lives, it also involves great risk factors for the majority of diabetic patients....

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